Floral Collaborative is a  Floral studio based in the heart of Palmerston North. In early 2018 Floral Collaborative was officially born and took the intimate store it was, to another level. Floral Collaborative creates bespoke floral displays for Weddings & Events, Funeral & Corporate styling. Within the first year of business, FC had made a big splash appearing on the cover on NZ Weddings Magazine and providing flowers for Emily & Chloe on The Block NZ. In 2019 Floral Collaborative was set to bring a floral experience to both Te-papa in Wellington, and to Parliament for events. 

Wedding work has also featured in women's weekly for February 2019, among others.


Hello. My name is Cheryl James, owner operator of my floral Oasis.  With over a decades experience behind me, My passion, and the love for all things botanical, is what pushes me to strive and work the long hours, within Floral Collaborative.  Running workshops from my exclusive studio above the store is another new project which has been received well here in the Manawatu.


FC is well known by customers for being affordable and producing extremely high-quality work with real heart. The FC team pride themselves on their ability to make flowers to any style and include all peoples tastes. 


"Everyone deserves flowers, no matter what style or budget they have, everyone deserves to feel special."

-Cheryl James


We are also proud to supply customers with locally grown roses and locally sourced decor. FC also stocks the Manawatu's favourite treat - Munchkins Fudge, a locally made goodie for all to enjoy.